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News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

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Provided by The Delaware News Journal (11.11.2019)

White House Salutes Veterans

SQ and Mustang Staff October 21, 2022

From the White House Briefing Room: America has the greatest Armed Forces in the history of the world.  To those who serve and those that serve alongside them — their families and caregivers —...

Provided by The New York Times

Court Challenges Student Loan Forgiveness

Danny Farias and Mustang Staff October 20, 2022

On October 21, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay to President Biden's student loan forgiveness program. This does not cancel out pending applications, though, and applicants can...

Justice Breyer in 1994 (Provided by Getty Images)

Justice Breyer to Retire

Selina Tang and Mustang Staff May 1, 2022

After serving almost 30 years on the Supreme Court, Justice Stephen Breyer (83 years old) will retire at the end of this term. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (51 yrs old) of the US Court of Appeals for the...

Provided by CBS

Biden Promotes “Unity Agenda”

Zeny Tran and Mustang Staff March 2, 2022

In his State of the Union speech President Biden attempted to unite Americans of diverse political opinions together. "We are stronger today than we were a year ago. And we will be stronger a year from...

First Reactions to Rittenhouse Verdict

First Reactions to Rittenhouse Verdict

Samantha Nguyen and November 16, 2021

18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges in the 2020 shooting of three men. Rittenhouse was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, which carries a life in prison sentence. The...

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