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News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

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News Section

Layloni Davis (Editor), Preston Chen, Kylie Lee, Ashleen Chen, Natalie Delgado, Changheng Lay, Lindy Vi, Vivian Liu, Valerie Lam, Emily Guan

Opinion Section

Jiajun Shen (Editor), Aidan Andrew, Bryan Wang, Chloe Luong, Catherine Lo, Danny Farias, Samantha Huynh, Aiden Sau, Jessica Li

Leisure Section

Keith Bach (Editor), Katy Xu, Nicole Hsu, Mandy Phung, Long Nguyen, Angela Nguyen, Riyana Padillo, Lahra Reyes, Oscar De La Cruz, Emily Li, Matthew Phan, Haoyang Guan

Editor in Chief – Jiajun Shen

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Garvey Intermediate Staff: Ms. McDonald, Mr. Naka, Mr. Cardenas, Ms. Dale-Hogrebe, Mr. Richardson, Ms. Tang-Quick, Ms. Venegas, Ms. Herbert, Ms. Tamura, Mr. Moy

Newspaper Advisors: Mr. Cheung (2021-23), Mr. Valdez (2020-22), Dr. Dominguez (2010-19)

Class of 2024 Reporters – Kaylynn Quach, Monet Acevedo, Soraya Duque, Dina Duong, James Alexander, Amelia Lu

CA Community of Youth Journalists 

Mark Keppel – The Aztec, San Gabriel – The Matador, San Marino – Titan Shield
Sunny Hills – The Accolade, University Irvine – Sword & Shield, Corona del Mar – Trident, West Torrance – Signals

Monta Vista – El Estoque, Harker Academy – Aquila, Lowell – The Lowell

US Community of Youth Journalists:
Texas – Willis – Voice of the Wildkats, Cedar Park – The Wolfpack, Liberty – Wingspan, McCallum – The Shield, Vandegrift – The Voice, Saint John – The Review, Veterans Memorial – Declaration
Florida – Wellington L – Gator Gazette, Hagerty – The Journal, Holy Names – Achona, Wiregrass R – The Stampede, Olympic Heights – The Torch, Ransom Everglades – Catalyst, Lady Lourdes – Grotto

New York – Masters School – Tower, Berkeley Carroll – The Blotter, Horace Mann – The Record, Brentwood – Pow Wow News, West End – Wess Side Stories
Illinois – Downers Grove – Omega, Neuqua Valley – Echo, Lake Forest – The Spectator, Palatine – Cutlass, Glenbrook South – Oracle

Virginia – Longfellow – The Lead, Ocean Lakes – The Current, Rockbridge – The Prowler, Lafayette – The Ledger, Kettle Run – The Chronicle, Westfield – The Watchdog

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