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News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

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Visiting UC San Diego

Visiting UC San Diego

Manny Rios April 2, 2022

Manny Rios ('23) visited UC San Diego and the Living Coast Discovery Center and enjoyed the local attractions.

Pepe Jam

Feelsgood Tracks: 7th Grade

Emily Li, Vivian Liu, and Natalie Delgado March 5, 2022

Emily Li Crisaunt - Dream Girl, Melanie Martinez - Sippy Cup, Pink Pantheress - Pain, Vierre Cloud - Moment, Eyedress - Romantic Lover Vivian Liu Alec Benjamin - Water Fountain, Jack Stauber - Buttercup,...

Seventh-Grade Life

Seventh-Grade Life

Grace Chan, Vivian Liu, and Keith Bach February 4, 2022

Students make the jump from Elementary School to Seventh-grade  

Christmas at MGM Grand Vegas

Visiting Vegas

Austin Szeto December 15, 2021

During winter break, my family and I took a 3-day trip to Las Vegas. The drive there was unpleasant but it was very much worth it. When we were in Las Vegas, we stayed at the MGM Grand which was enormous...

by Keith Bach

Caring for Stray Cats

Keith Bach November 2, 2021

In 2019 I began caring for stray cats that wandered around my home. I gave them names like Shuu Shuu, John Cena, and John Cena Jr. The Cena cats were ragdoll kittens and Junior had a pattern on her eye...


The Art of Yujie Yang

Yujie Yang November 1, 2021

Sketches and artwork from Yujie Yang ('23)

A San Francisco sunset

My Trip to Northern California

Keith Bach October 1, 2021

Before Covid-19 shut everything down, I visited San Francisco and Northern California with my family around New Year time.  Everything about San Francisco was amazing: the food, the sights, the sounds....

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