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News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

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Katelyn Lee explores Language Arts in first period with Ms. Kasababian

Our Language Arts Teachers

Annie Huang, Havon Ha, Selina Tang, Linda Xie, and Keith Bach December 28, 2021

Comments from eighth-grade students: Ms. Kasababian She has high standards for her students. Students must deliver presentations behind a podium. Engaging in class presentations in front of my peers...

Certificate for Outstanding Service in 2019

Survey for Ms. Kasababian

Brandon Phan November 19, 2021

Staff writer Brandon Phan wrote questions for eighth-grade Language Arts teacher, Ms. Kasababian. Professional Why do you have high standards for students? All students are capable of doing better...

Provided by Carl Purcell (Fine Art America)

Greek Myths in Literature

Mustang Staff September 10, 2021

Seventh-grade students are learning about the mythical Greek inventor, Daedalus and his wayward son, Icarus. According to Greek legend, Daedalus murdered his nephew Perdix, and he was banished from Athens...

16 year old Abby Sunderland aboard Wild Eyes before her solo voyage around the world in January 2010. (Provided by Lisa Gizara)

Teen Sailor Attempts to sail solo Around the World

Mustang Staff September 9, 2021

In Mr. Richardson and Mr. Navarette's classes, students learned about the teen sailor, Abby Sunderland, from Thousand Oaks, who attempted to sail around the world by herself. On January 23, 2010 she boarded...

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