Ups & Downs at Universal Studios

My friend ShanShan and I went to Universal Studios on Sunday, September 19. I had visited the Hollywood theme park two times before and this was her first time, which was what made the key difference between our perspectives. This theme park includes an excellent selection of subthemes, with sections including Harry Potter, Transformers, and Despicable Me. We went on every ride except one, since we agreed that the Studio Tour was not worth our time. This is because when I went the second time, I did not find the attraction amusing. With a variety of rides, each gave us a different experience, although we both agreed that the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, Revenge of the Mummy, and The Simpson Ride were the best ones.

While we thoroughly enjoyed every ride and attraction there, we wish that some of them could be longer and more worthwhile. The ride Flight of the Hippogriff was the most disappointing, as what looked like a long and exciting roller coaster ride turned out to be a 15 second kids show. We understand that each ride is supposed to give a different experience, but was that really it? Jurassic World РThe Ride was also disappointing since we had expected the water ride to soak us, but it was merely like an inflatable pool for children to jump into. However, along with disappointment there came great satisfaction. Harry Potter TFJ, Revenge of the Mummy, and The Simpson Ride gave thrilling visual experiences while also keeping the physical experience riveting. Fans of these franchises can ensure that these rides gave a complete experience in making a dream come true.

The myriad 56 food choices at Universal made it difficult to decide on where to eat. We settled for lunch at Luigi’s Pizza, located at the Simpsons section of the park. This restaurant served pizza, salad, and pasta, and all three were worth the price. I filled my plate with the “Nice Slice O’ Pepperoni Pizza” ($9.99)”and the “Chicken Caesars Salad” ($13.49), although I did not find a single slice of chicken in there. ShanShan ordered the “Fat Tony’s Witness-Protected Pasta,” ($13.99) which she seemed to enjoy substantially. For desserts and drinks, we got the “Butterbeer,” which was disappointing as we’d expected more of it with everyone hyping it up. After this, though, we got strawberry flavored popsicle sticks at the end of our ride at The Secret Life of Pets, and it was about the best thing we’ve ever tasted. Rating: 4/5 stars

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