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Thank you Kindly
May 31, 2022
Exquisite Wagyu tacos at BOA on the Sunset Strip (by Havon Ha)

After my win for ASB (I ran unopposed), my family wanted to go out and celebrate that.  Every month, my dad receives dining credit for any restaurant in the company he works at (IDG, Innovative Dining Group).  We had our options, but most of the restaurants in the company are higher end Japanese restaurants.  We chose to go to BOA Steakhouse, located in West Hollywood.  this restaurant is very, very close to where my dad works.  He works at Katana, which is pretty much around the corner from BOA.  I always find it interesting that whenever we visit a restaurant in the company, everyone seems to know my dad.  I think after we sat down, at least 3 people stopped by to say hi.

We get a lot of free, off-the-menu items too.  No complaints from me though.  On this particular visit, we got Wagyu tacos (pictured on the right).  Even my BROTHER loved it, and he’s incredibly picky.  The best part of everything is the fact that with my dad’s dining credit, our dinner is pretty much free.  My family orders the same dishes every single time, but it never gets old.  However, something new that we tried last night was the cauliflower tempura.  According to the manager, this item was off the menu for a while, but once it was put on the menu, it immediately became a hit.  Another dish that my little brother loved were the truffle fries, simply because if you gave him any type of tries, he’d eat it.  But the addition of the flavor from the truffles is what makes it so unique.  There’s plenty of side dishes with truffle flavors involved, like the truffle mac n’ cheese and truffle mashed potatoes.

I think it’s safe to say that my siblings and I have expensive taste.  I mean, what kind of 4 year old eats Wagyu?  My brother, apparently.  I’m just very grateful for my dad and all of his hard work.  He works so hard to make sure that my siblings and I have all of these diverse experiences at a young age, and we’re all very fortunate for that.