Race for LA Mayor

Bass leads delayed vote count 55-45 (98% reported)

Provided by LA Times

After a stormy election day, the results of the California and LA Country election have not been finalized. It will still be a few weeks before all the votes are counted. With 98% of votes counted 13 days after election day, LA mayoral candidate Karen Bass leads candidate Rick Caruso 55%- 45%. (KTLA) Voter turnout in Los Angeles was 27%.

Bass – 506k votes, Caruso – 417k votes; LA eligible voters (18+) – 2.5 million

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The Yes on Abortion Amendment Prop 1 is leading 67%-33% and the No on tax for EV charging stations is leading 58%-42% with 94% of the vote reported.

A recent pre-election poll from the LA Times and UC Berkeley revealed that the LA mayoral race was tightening with Karen Bass leading Rick Caruso by three points among registered voters and 15 points among likely voters. The LA Times-endorsed Karen Bass voiced her support for the police in a debate with Caruso stating, “There are people who believe in defunding the police. I am not one of them.” (CBS News). After her Baldwin Vista home was burglarized, Congressmember Bass made fighting crime a top priority, calling for more police officers in South LA, Studio City, and Melrose.

Bass has served six terms representing the 37th Congressional District.  She introduced the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and she is a leader on the House Foreign Affairs Committee where she worked to expand trade between America and African nations.

Her opponent, Rick Caruso, served as President of the LA Police Commission, recruiting Chief of Police William Bratton in 2002, and reducing LA’s crime rate by 31%. His support of Operation Progress helps impoverished areas of Watts. Rick Caruso was elected Chair of the Board of Trustees at USC and served as a leader at Pepperdine School of Law and The Irvine Company. Caruso’s flagship retail property, The Grove shopping center was highly ranked on Fortune’s list of top shopping centers in the country (Reagan Foundation).

I believe that Karen Bass would be a better mayor because she seems more committed to fighting for social justice and helping small businesses. Both Bass and Caruso will address the homeless problem by working with the LA City Council to declare a state of emergency. Bass wants to use vacant hotels and commercial space to house the homeless. ABC7 reports that Caruso has spent $62 million on his campaign compared to Bass who has spent $6 million.

Also on the ballot on this year is the Governor’s race where incumbent Gavin Newsom leads Republican candidate Brian Dahle by 27 points in a Berkeley Inst. of Gov. Studies poll. Key propositions on the ballot include Prop 1 (abortion constitutional amendment) and Prop 30 (income tax increase for electric charging stations). The CA Democrat Party has called for “Yes” votes for Props 1 and 30, while the CA Republican Party has called for “No” votes for Props 1 and 30. Election day was on November 8 this year.