21st Century Learning: Learning for the Future

This is amazing (by Havon Ha)

Havon Ha

When people think of the future, many people think of one concept: technology. The world revolves around technology, and we (as the younger generation) need to work to fully understand it. That’s why Mr. Cardenas’s 21st Century Learning class is such a beneficial resource for the students of Garvey Intermediate. As Mr. Cardenas says, there are many careers that can come out of an interest in technology, and sometimes taking part in the class can help students discover that interest.

Currently, Mr. Cardenas’s students are learning about computer hardware. Understanding why and how these pieces of technology work is so crucial to the students’ learning journey. It’s important to know this information before branching out into other areas of technology. After giving a thorough presentation all about computer hardware, Mr. Cardenas allowed his students to take a look at the computer parts, to give them a better visual for their upcoming test. Students will be tested on their understanding of everything that was taught in class, and are highly encouraged to study.