Meet Mr. Moy

Aidan Andrew and Emily Guan

Mr. Moy is an eighth-grade Social Studies teacher supporting Ms. Ngeth this school year as she is on maternity leave. Mr. Moy’s first impression of Garvey is positive, noting that his students are hardworking and motivated. He said that he learns more and more about his students every day. “For me, I find it challenging to teach a lot of material in a 45-minute class period. There is a lot of information in history,” he observed. Mr. Moy is passionate about being a teacher and he has not considered another career path. He was greatly influenced by a favorite fourth grade teacher who was a skilled and patient instructor and “every day was a new experience” for him in that class.  

As an eighth-grader, Mr. Moy had a positive attitude about school, earning top grades and making good friends along the way. In middle school, he played basketball and he used to enjoy playing video games like Pac Man. On the weekends, Mr. Moy delights in going to the movies or walking at the park. One of his favorite movies is Disney’s The Lion King (1994), the animated musical drama. He also attends the soccer games of his niece and nephew. Mr. Moy would like to encourage students to “Do your best and spend time with people who you care about.”