A Sister’s Love

Keith Bach

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When I grew older I learned how much my sister means to me. The moment I was born, my sister told me that she wanted to see me right away, but the doctors stopped her because she was just a child. My mom was so busy at work, that my sister often stepped in to feed and care for me at home. Before she had her driver’s license, and did not use DoorDash or Amazon, she walked me home after school, cooked for me, and brought me places for fun. When she got an entry-level job she shared that money with me. Today she has the job that she wants and she is fulfilling her goals in life. She is benefiting from good karma, and living a life full of good friends and exciting travels. To this day, my sister picks me up after school, gets me food and spends quality time with me on the weekends.

I am who I am today because of her. I value her opinions of me, not the opinions of people out there who are quick to judge and insult me. My sister taught me to accept others as they are, whether they wear goth, pastel, or other styles. Her love and support has helped me feel comfortable being me.