Hocus Pocus

Preston Chen and Kylie Lee

Preston Chen

For the past few years my family would start preparing for Halloween at the beginning of September, finding costumes and collecting decorations. My dad decided on the theme of our party and decorations and each of us in the family would choose our costumes. Each year we had a different theme. One year was a Halloween “burial” party and another year was a Halloween “butcher” party. My mother found interesting recipes that fit the theme of the party. We invited our family and friends to the house and everybody dressed up according to the theme. At the party my friends and I mingled while the adults spent time with each other. Mariah Thomas of Good Housekeeping has a list of interesting activities that you can use to liven up your Halloween party. Some of these activities include: pin the spider on the web, make a pumpkin punch bowl (hollow out the pumpkin), and pumpkin roll (roll pumpkins across lawn with brooms).

When I was younger I always looked forward to trick-or-treating around my grandma’s neighborhood. For many years I dressed up with my cousins and friends and collected bags of candy. We returned to my friend’s house and dumped the candy on the table and traded candies with each other. My parents lets me store my candy in a “candy drawer.” The next school day I would bring my Halloween candy to school for sharing. When is it too old to go trick-or-treating? Leave your comments in the Comment Section at the bottom.

Mandy Phung