Girls’ Generation & the Evolution of K-pop

Keith Bach and Mustang Staff

On August 5 the Korean pop music group Girls’ Generation (SNSD –  So-nyuh Shi-dae in Korean) released their seventh Korean-language studio album Forever 1. Girls’ Generation is one of the most decorated groups in K-pop history. When they broke into the Seoul music scene in 2007, Girls’ Generation won Best New Female Group (Mnet Asian Music Awards) and the Popularity Award (Golden Disc). Since 2007 they have collected over 120 awards in Asia and around the world.

The groups founding members include Taeyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung and sisters – Jessica and Krystal Jung (both born in San Francisco).

Gee (Song of the Year 2009), Genie, Oh, and Run Devil Run are among their top songs. According to Sportskeeda, K-pop’s early years began in the 1990s with groups like Seo Taeiji & Boys, H.O.T., and S.E.S. Popular music groups out of Korea today are referred to as “fourth generation” music groups. Girls’ Generation, along with TVXQ and Bigbang are classified under the second-generation of music groups (most of the members are in their 30s today). Girls’ Generation was the first Asian girl group to receive 5 songs with over 100 million music video views. This had a major impact on listeners in North America. BTS stands on the shoulders of Girls’ Generation who paved the way for other Korean musical groups to shine.

First Gen (SM Entertainment)