ASB Plans for October

Jiajun Shen and Chanheng Lay

The Garvey ASB is the student council responsible for planning activities like the 8th Grade Dance and reviewing field trips like the Catalina Island Science trip. ASB members were elected by their peers and they play key roles in the year long intramural sports events. Staff reporter Jiajun Shen had the pleasure of interviewing ASB treasurer, Jiayi Cheng. This is an excerpt from their conversation. 

JS: What are the typical activities in ASB?

JC: We have our meetings every other week with our advisor, Ms. Herbert. We helped Ms. McDonald distribute chocolate during the WFC fundraiser and we are planning school events, including the Halloween School Dance. We also made gifts for our custodians, Mr. Patrick and Ms. Sarah for Custodian Appreciation Day. 

JS: What should students know about the Halloween Dance?

JC: Admission for the dance might be $3 for general admission and $5 for pizza and a drink. We are considering a photo booth and debating about a raffle. The dance is scheduled to be from 3:00 – 4:30 pm during the school week. 

JS: How do you plan to make this school year better?

JC: We plan to have more fun events that we missed out on last year due to Covid restrictions. We’re planning to have more dances, door decoration contests, and intramural competitions. 

JS: Why do you like being in ASB?

JC: In ASB, it’s very social, so you get to interact with the other ASB members, and the activities are pretty fun, like helping people and making posters. It also gives you experience with being a leader and you can put it on your resume.

JS: What are you planning for eighth-grade Promotion activities?

JS: It’s going to be based on the money we earn from fundraising. We really need to do more fundraising this year to have exciting promotion activities.

Ms. Herbert