School Photo Day

Riyana is always dressed to impress

Emily Li and Natalie Delgado

Smile! You are on camera! Most people say “CHEESE”, but some people say “FISH.” Sometimes we forget that this picture may last forever in the school yearbook and in the future this could summon fond memories of middle school. Some day in high school, college, or beyond we will see our middle school picture day photo and recall exactly who we spoke to, what we saw, and what we did. On September 14, the three Studio One photographers snapped photos of the nearly 600 students and staff members of Garvey Intermediate. ASB President Riyana Padillo stated that she woke up earlier than usual on Picture Day to do her makeup and hair. The night before, she selected her outfit to save time in the morning. Stephanie Duong (’23) had a more casual approach to Picture Day wearing her usual comfortable t-shirt and jeans.

Despite the ending of the mask mandate at schools, most students at Garvey continue to wear face coverings all day on campus. Students were required to remove their masks for official school pictures.