Jack O’Lanterns have taken over the Haunted Mansion!

Halloween Time at Disneyland

September 26, 2021

Disneyland’s Halloween Time kicked off on September 3rd and the thrills will continue until October 31. The world famous Anaheim theme park is decorated in leafy fall colors and spooky ghoulish decorations. Many of the family friendly rides are re-themed to fit the October holiday and they look fantastic. For instance, The Haunted Mansion ride is now filled with characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, creating a more fun and engaging park attraction. The Disney imagineers updated the ride music and sound effects to produce a real authentic Halloween vibe.

Around Disneyland, I spotted Jack and Sally standing outside of an attraction. Sally looked just like she did in the movie, but Jack fell short of impressive. During a normal year, visitors would be allowed photographs with the Disneyland characters, but due to the COVID Delta variant, photos with characters are not permitted. Jack and Sally and other Halloween ghouls waved at their fans and posed for pictures from afar. They tried to make conversation with fans from a safe six feet away.

At night is when Disneyland lights up and really becomes beautiful. I visited the Haunted Mansion attraction again at night, with the colorful lights draped around the mansion and glowing pumpkins and jack o’lanterns everywhere. There were tombstones with funny names on them and it just made for a very memorable day at the happiest place on earth.

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