Ban on Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales

Nicole Hsu, Jiajun Shen, and Kylie Lee

In August California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) voted to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles in California by 2035. Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced this as an executive order in 2020 and this will require sales of all new vehicles to be zero-emission. CARB stated that gas-powered vehicles produce emissions that damage the environment and public health. Simrin Singh of CBS News reports that California’s transportation sector accounts for 50% of state greenhouse gas emissions. Currently 16% of all state car sales are plug-in hybrids or zero-emission vehicles. Students at Garvey gave their opinions about the upcoming statewide ban on gas-powered vehicles. 

Nicole Hsu & Lahra Reyes:

This ban will take great steps toward protecting the environment and public health. Without a clean environment, humans will not survive on Earth. When gas is burned, it makes the atmosphere hotter, contributing to deadly climate change, which could lead to the extinction of humanity. By banning Californians from purchasing gas-powered vehicles, consumers will be forced to turn to clean vehicles to help the environment. If the Earth is no longer inhabitable, worries about the economy or the struggles of working families are meaningless. People will not have an Earth to live on. Americans are starting to wake up and recognize how harmful gas-powered vehicles are to the Earth. I am glad to see people beginning to change their ways to stop a global crisis that could be disastrous to everyone. 

Jiajun Shen & Kylie Lee:

The proposal to ban gas-powered cars is very misguided. Do you really expect working people, living paycheck to paycheck, who need gas-powered cars to get to work and the grocery store, to afford an expensive electric car? A new electric car on average costs $66,000 compared to $48,000 for a new combustion engine car. Moreover, the cost of replacing existing auto-industry infrastructure to make only electric vehicles is simply unrealistic. This will lead to an entire industry of workers losing their jobs. 

How will families who live in apartments charge their cars? Travel time for road trips will be much longer because it takes much more time to charge EVs. Also, road, sidewalk, and bridge repairs may suffer because fewer people will be paying gas taxes. More electric cars on the road will severely impact the power grid, leading to more power outages throughout the state. In conclusion, this proposal to ban gas-powered cars should be reconsidered due to the many problems that it may bring to our state. 

Forcing electric cars on people does not solve the real problem of too many cars on congested roads. American cities are too car-dependent. For example, the nearest grocery store from my house is a 45 minute walk. We should learn from other nations that make life more convenient for people to live without having to depend on their cars for basic survival. 

EV charging stations in Alhambra (Google Maps)