B-Ball Tournament Concludes

Cardenas and Wong+’s homerooms win Finals

Layloni Davis, Bryan Wang, and Aidan Andrew

The Garvey Intramural Basketball Tournament kicked off with big wins for Mr. Cardenas’ homeroom class (Ctrl Alt Delete) and Mr. Castroll’s first period class (Casseroles). Also victorious were Ms. Tamura’s class and Ms. Alvarez’s class at eighth-grade lunch. Teams are competing for the class trophy, bragging rights, and pizza with drinks. For seventh grade, Ms. U’s A-team and Ms. Wong+’s teams are at the top of the standings. “I’m glad to see students being more involved this year and seeing students work as a team excited about our school activities,” remarked a proud Ms. U cheering on both of her basketball squads at lunch. 

Woodcraft players Henry Liu, Kenji Leos, Kayden Nguyen, Hongze Liu, David Nunez, and Austin Szeto are the early scoring- leaders at eighth-grade lunch. In this tournament, all teams must have at least one active female player. Kaitlyn San (’23) was encouraged to see more females participating in the basketball competition. “We work together [with the boys] to get a win and we hope this encourages other girls to participate at lunch.” Grace Chan played a key role in her team’s victory by scoring the winning point. Other students including Amber Luo, Katy Xu, and Catherine Lo offered their enthusiastic support by cheering on the sidelines.

Ms. Tamura emphasized the importance of being involved. “It’s all about effort and trying your best, no matter if you’re good at it or not.” Other teachers like Mr. Naka also stressed the value of student participation over being the best team out there. “I am hoping to see students have fun and interact with each other more. Instead of putting our competition down, we will be lifting our competition up.” Games have been officiated by Ms. Liza and Coach Rayhon. So far the students playing in the tournament have shown how basketball can bring Garvey together in its own unique way.

After weeks of competitive play, the champion teams were Mr. Cardenas’ home room (Ctrl Alt Delete) and Ms. Wong+’s homeroom (Garvey Mustangs). Thank you to all players, officials, and supporters who made this year’s tournament a great success.

Standings & Schedule

Grade 8

CA Delete Cardenas (5-1), Casseroles Castroll (4-2), Miami Mustangs Alvarez (3-3), Tamuranators (2-4)

10/20  – Final Match – Delete Cardenas vs Casserole Castroll (20-14)

Game was played in the Gym – weather 90F

10/14 – Casseroles vs Miami, Delete vs Tamura

10/13 – Casseroles vs Delete, Miami vs Tamura

10/11 – Casseroles vs Tamura, Miami vs Delete

10/3 – Rockets vs Delete, Tamuras vs Huerta

9/30 – Bunnies vs Huerta, Miami vs Tamuras

9/29 – Bunnies vs Rockets, Delete vs Casseroles

9/27 – Weather delay; games postponed – heat warning

9/26 – Tamura vs Huerta, Miami vs Casseroles

9/23- Delete vs Bunnies, Casseroles vs Rockets

9/22 – Rockets vs Tamuras, Huerta vs Miami

9/20- Miami vs Delete, Bunnies vs Casseroles

*bold indicates winner

Grade 7

Mustangs Wong+ (4-0), Bulldogs Celis (4-0), Miss You A (3-1), Black Mambas Avila (3-0)

10/20  – Final Match – Mustangs Wong+ vs Bulldogs

10/14 – Miss You A vs Bulldogs, Mamba vs Mustangs

10/13 – Miss You A vs Mamba [tie game], Bulldogs vs Mustang [tie game]

10/11 – Miss You A vs Mustangs, Bulldogs vs Mamba

10/6 – Miss You B vs Apparent, Bulldogs vs Beautiful

10/4 – Toxic Rats vs Pride, Mustangs vs Beautiful

10/3 – Beautiful vs Pride, Miss You A vs Mamba

9/30 – Miss You B vs Mamba, Mustangs vs Apparent

9/29 – Pride vs Miss You A, Toxic Rats vs Bulldogs

9/27 – Weather delay; games postponed – heat warning

9/26 – Miss You B vs Bulldogs, Apparent vs Mamba

9/23- Beautiful vs Miss You A, Toxic Rats vs Mustangs

9/22 – Bulldogs vs Apparent, Mamba vs Pride

9/20- Miss You A vs Toxic Rats (Tang), Mustangs vs Miss You B


Aidan Andrew