Journalism (2021-22)

News Section

Selina Tang, Zeny Tran, Katelyn Lee, Julianne Tan, Scarlett Tran, Sana Yan, Jayleen Azpeitia, Aidan Loc, Brandon Phan, Jazleen Zavala

Opinion Section

Havon Ha, Samantha Nguyen, Julie Phan, Reyna Guan, Audrey Tamanaha, Andru Martinez, Catherine Zhu, Mai Truong, Jessie Tran, Emily Guan

Leisure Section

Linda Xie, Fiona Wang, Lexie Flores, Rennie Chi, Alvin Giang, Safia Young, Jordyn Roberson,  Zhao Yu Yao, Allisson Sanchez, Jovie Duong, Sage Lin

Editor in Chief: Annie Huang (’22), Newspaper Logo designed by Linda Xie (’22)


Class of 2023: Reporters – Keith Bach, Vivian Liu, Austin Szeto, Grace Chan

Jacob Chau, Natalie Delgado, Stephanie Dong, Kaylie La, Jackson Lam, Emily Li, Valerie Lam,
Queenie Mok, Long Nguyen, Riyana Padillo, Candace Tang, Yujie Yang, Maggie Zhang

Pegasus News Club (Class of ’23)

Keith Bach – Reporter Opinion
enjoys anime and playing Genshin. He likes traveling to new places and he is a skilled photographer

Vivian Liu – Reporter Leisure
attended Monterey Vista Elementary and she enjoys music with friends

Austin Szeto – Reporter Leisure
enjoys playing basketball and cooking fine foods

Grace Chan – Reporter News
is an ASB Director for seventh-grade and an AVID student


– Jacob Chau attended Bitely Elementary School. He has watched 31 out of 33 seasons of The Simpsons TV Show.
– Natalie Delgado was a student at Hillcrest. She enjoys writing stories about magic and she loves anime, theater, and boba.
– Stephanie Dong looks forward to a great year as a seventh-grader.
– Kaylie La looks forward to Thankgiving vacation

– Jackson Lam is a skilled stage actor and he attended Hillcrest Elementary
– Valerie Lam enjoys comics and being with friends
– Emily Li enjoys being with friends and her sister, a student at UC Berkeley
– Queenie Mok looks forward to a great year at Garvey

– Long Nguyen enjoys playing OSU, TF2, and Terraria while drinking Coca Cola
– Riyana Padillo enjoys being with her family and was nominated as most fashionable
– Candace Tang likes to draw and write stories. She enjoys Halloween and Christmas
– Yujie Yang enjoys sketching, anime, and being with friends
– Maggie Zhang is a talented artist and Maggie enjoys music and gaming