World’s Finest Fundraiser

Giovanni Rabago can’t wait to start raising funds for Garvey

Angela Nguyen and Mandy Phung

The World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser is a fun way for Garvey to raise money to help the school. Students were required to have parent and guardian consent to sell chocolates. The chocolate bars are a dollar each and there are 60 bars in each box: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel, wafer, crisp, and almonds. The money earned, is used for school dances, field trips and other activities. The top class will receive pizza and drinks while the top sellers will receive tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm and gift cards to Target and Amazon. Milk chocolate bars were the first to sell out, while no one wanted the caramel bars. Some parents helped their children by selling chocolate to friends before the September 28 deadline. ASB Director Layloni Davis was disappointed that excitement to sell among eighth-graders did not match that of the seventh-graders. Rules forbidding the sales of chocolate during school hours made it more challenging for students.

The top student fundraisers: Alyssa Canizal (’24) – 25 boxes, Ronnie Jurado (’23) – 17 boxes, Ocean Cao (’24) – 15 boxes, Kayden Nguyen/ Bryan Wang -13 boxes. Top selling class: Ms. U. Funds earned for Garvey Intermediate: $10,000+

Mandy Phung