Meet the Candidates of the ASB Election

This year a fourth director was added to the seventh-grade ASB leadership. Students elected: Aidan Andrews, Grace Chan, Dylan Duong, and Uma Sofia Rizo (by Ms. Ngeth and Ms. McDonald)
Connor Cheung won a closely contested three candidate race for Vice President

A Closer Look at new Vice President, Connor Cheung

Q: Why are you interested in serving in ASB?
I wanted to run for ASB again since it is my last year at Garvey so I wanted to go out with a bang. Also, I thought it would be fun to do it.

Q: What is your past leadership experience?
I was the Class President at Monterey Vista Elementary as a sixth-grader and Class Secretary in fourth-grade.

Q: If you are elected what changes & improvements are you hoping to make at Garvey?
If I [am elected] I would try to make Garvey a more fun place like bringing back intramural sport tournaments at lunch and organizing e-sport tournaments from home.

I was born here in California but I lived in Florida [until the third-grade]. Some hobbies of mine include playing sports, video games, and watching anime. I think [that serving in] ASB could allow me to support Garvey school clubs and being an officer will provide valuable experience for high school next year. I have a positive outgoing personality, I am responsible, and I want to have fun at school. I hope to make a positive impact at Garvey and I am serving ASB to make Garvey a better school.

An Interview with VP Candidate, Stella Su

Q: Why did you decide to join ASB?
Stella: I decided to join ASB because I wanted to be involved in making a positive, long-lasting impact during my last year of middle school.

Q: What position did you apply for and why?
Stella: I applied for the position of vice president because I hope to improve my social/communication skills.

Q: Why should students vote for you for that specific role?
Stella: Students should vote for me for this specific role because I am a hardworking, disciplined, and responsible individual off and on campus.

I have experienced being part of ASB in the past when I was a student representative. I first started to take interest in ASB when I decided I wanted to make a difference at school in the 8th grade. Some of my strengths include being overall a responsible and determined person. I am not worried [about the possibility of not being elected] because I know I tried my best and if I don’t get [elected], the other candidates would be perfect for the job as well. I would contribute to improving this school by having a voice in school activities, new equipment, and trips. [I’m inspired by the words of the novelist] Leo Tolstoy, “True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”

I want to make a difference at school”

— Stella Su