Around Town

Brooke, Camilla, Angela, Alaina, and Rebecca at Duff’s Cakemix LA

Angela Nguyen, Mandy Phung, and Katy Xu

This summer I went to the movies to see Dr. Strange and The Rise of Gru with friends and afterwards we walked around Atlantic Times Square and ordered fried noodles and tteok-bokki, which are rice cakes with a spicy sauce, from this place called Street Churros. We also enjoyed boba from OneZo. On many occasions, I visited the Arcadia Mall with school friends and we shopped and sang karaoke songs at Luxy. Some of my favorite shops at the Arcadia Mall are PacSun, Korheim, and Sephora. I like Cruncheese Korean Hot Dog and Potato Corner. 

Another place we visited this summer was the ice skating rink. I know how to skate, but my friends were skating for the first or second time. It was a bit chaotic at first, but they were quick learners and it was a fun time together. When my childhood best friend from San Francisco visited, we went to Universal Studios and made the most of the summer – Katy Xu