First Weeks Back

Rise and shine, it’s Garvey time

Preston Chen and Aiden Sau

On the first day of school I woke up and surprisingly I wasn’t tired.  The first bell rang, and I went to Math class with Ms. Tamura and she described the class syllabus and the rules and expectations of the class. Second Period was Language Arts with Ms. Kasababian and she gave us a Grammar IQ assignment. Mr. Moy introduced himself in Social Studies class and Mr. Naka asked us to observe his room and guess his interests based on how his room was decorated.   Lunch is different this year. Students are allowed to eat in the cafeteria, but not under the solar panel area. Cell phones are not allowed to be used on campus this year so I had to socialize with friends without technology. After lunch was Journalism class with Mr. Cheung and Visual Art with Ms. Dale. Seventh period is Physical Education class with Mr. Celis where we completed a survey and played basketball and badminton. – Preston Chen (’23)


It was astonishing to be assigned homework on the first days of school but I just go with the narrative that school gets more challenging as we get older. After school I participate in the Woodcraft Rangers program with friends. They’ve added two new clubs – guitar and remote controlled cars – to the original clubs –  art, dance, skateboarding, and basketball.  I joined the guitar club and in the first two days of school I learned E minor and E major. My club leader Mr. Alex is a good mentor. We practice guitar playing in Room 301, which is the school band room. I was surprised how prepared Woodcraft was because on the first day everyone got a guitar and that requires a large budget. So far I have enjoyed Woodcraft and I look forward to attending it everyday. At Woodcraft we are allowed to use our phones. 

As an eighth-grader, I’m excited for the field trips to Knott’s Berry Farm and Catalina Island along with the upcoming school dances and parties that we were not allowed to experience last year. – Aiden Sau (’23)