A rare glimpse inside of the Garvey cafeteria

Covid Safe Dining on Campus

Due to COVID safety measures, the cafeteria dining room is closed to students during regular hours. Students can pick up their school breakfast in the morning and eat in the outdoor dining area under the metal roof and white plastic canopies. Only four students can sit together at one table, while remaining six feet apart during the dining periods of breakfast and lunch. Incidentally, the cafeteria is open to students enrolled in the after school Woodcraft Rangers program.

Pizzabolis, chicken smackers, and taco nadas are among the favorite selections for students. Entrees are served with fresh fruit and vegetables and your choice of chocolate milk (fat-free) or regular milk. Mai Truong (’22) complimented the Garvey pizza giving it an 8/10 rating, however, Audrey Tamanaha was not as generous. “5 out of 10,” she remarked. Allisson Sanchez commended the staff for doing their best to provide nutritious meals for the student body, but she said that she was not the biggest fan of the Garvey cuisine.

Allisson was not the only one who lacked enthusiasm for the school food at Garvey. “It seems that most students eat the school lunches here only to stay energized, rather than for the taste. If school lunches were more enticing, more students would be eager to eat them,” said Reyna Guan (’22) “The food here is always hit or miss,” remarked Shayla Tran. Perhaps a new school year will bring new enthusiasm for the meals at Garvey.

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