A Glorious Garvey Tea Party


The students of 702 enjoy a rejuvenating tea party. From Left: Jessie, Maria, Mr. Valdez, Linda, Safia, Zeny, Sana, Zhao Yu, Emily

Linda Xie and Sana Yan

Tea has always been popular in this country, even before the boba milk tea craze. Tea was originally from China but many other countries around the world have adopted it and made it their own. Every country has its own unique way of making and drinking tea. According to World Atlas Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Russia are three nations with the highest consumption of this comforting beverage that is believed to contain substances that lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

On May 17 Newspaper Advisor Mr. Valdez along with news reporters Jessie Tran, Zhao Yu Yao, Safia Young, Sana Yan, Emily Guan, Maria Molina-Romero, Linda Xie, and Zeny Tran participated in a rejuvenating tea party in Room 702. Our gathering was inspired by the Food Insider feature How Tea is Enjoyed Around the World. The video presented teas from numerous cultures around the world. It was fascinating to learn the various procedures in making tea and the cultural significance behind each flavor of tea. We formed a large table filled with biscuits, croissants, and cookies alongside teapots and teacups. We explored and tried new and exciting flavors including Jasmine, Matcha, African Nectar, and milk tea.