Mask Mandate Ends

LA County dropped school mask mandates on March 12

Courtesy of CNBC

Rennie Chi and Mustang Staff

Indoor masking is now not required for students and staff at schools in LAUSD starting March 23.  The LAUSD Board of Education and the teacher’s union agreed to align with the county recommendations and lift school mask requirements.

On February 16 California ended the indoor mask requirement for vaccinated people. Unvaccinated Californians were to continue to wear face coverings in grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters and other indoor spaces. In the LA Unified School District students and staff were not required to wear masks while outdoors beginning Feb 22. Indoor face coverings will be not be required at school regardless of vaccination status beginning March 12 in LA County.

School districts may continue to require masking requirements.

After initial reluctance, LA County has decided to join the rest of the state and end the indoor mask requirement regardless of vaccination status.

In September 2021 masks were required at LA County outdoor events with over 10,000 people in attendance, including sporting events, concerts, parades, and food festivals. People could remove their masks off when eating or drinking, but were to put them back on after eating and drinking. The CA Department of Health discouraged people from cheering or singing because they claimed that these activities increase the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Should California end the indoor mask requirement? Should unvaccinated people be required to wear masks indoors?