Vacation Plans for Japan

Linda Xie

If money and time were not an obstacle, I would like to visit Japan because I’m very intrigued about the Japanese styles of clothing, art, and culture. I also want to see all the beautiful scenery, landscape, and different attractions only exclusive in Japan. Not to mention, I would like to try all the different foods and true Japanese cuisine. My family and I have always wanted to go to Japan, so we would travel together. These are my plans for a ten-day visit to Japan:


Day 1: First, I would take a big fat nap when I arrive at the hotel. When I wake up, I would explore the city nearby. Day 2: Explore Tokyo and Harajuki, Shibuya Scramble Crossing. Day 3: Tokyo Disney and Tokyo Disney Sea and theme park adventures. Day 4: Mount Fuji travels and ride the Shinkansen Bullet Train. Day 5: Explore Kyoto and the feudal history, touring shrines, gardens, and palaces. The Kyoto Gyoen is filled with historic buildings where emperors once lived.

Day 6: Ninenzaka area with food and art vendors.  Day 7: Osaka shopping. Day 8: Osaka Castle which took 3 years to build. Day 9: Hiroshima Peace Memorial dedicated to the victims of the atomic bomb attack during World War 2. Day 10: Last day to explore the wonderful culture of Japan.

Average Cost per person for a 10 day trip:

Airplane Ticket- $1,107 (Departure $563 and Return $544)

Entertainment:  Most attractions have a free admission so entertainment would probably costs around $20. Total for Entertainment: $200

Transportation: Taxi = $16, Subway = $10. So around $40  for transportation each day (to and from) = $400 in total OR. Car Rentals = $ 30 per day = $300 in total

Housing:  The average cost of a hotel is around $50 per night. Total for housing = $ 500

Food: Around $50 per day. Total for Food: $500

GRAND TOTAL: $2,607 per person