Easter Egg Roll Returns

Provided by The Hill

Selina Tang and Mustang Staff

The annual White House Easter Egg Roll event returns this year on the Monday after Easter Sunday. The White House has hosted this children event since 1878 (Pres. Hayes administration) where children gather around the South Lawn and roll hard-boiled eggs with spoons across the grass to win prizes. The age requirement to participate in this event is 13 and younger. Contestants were required to apply through an online lottery starting March 25. Visitors will not be required to be vaccinated or wear a mask.

Attendees and others who are interested can purchase commemorative wooden eggs featuring White House illustrations. This year the Biden egg features the President’s dog and cat Commander and Willow. At the event, children are delighted to meet the Easter Bunny who first visited the White House in 1969 (Nixon administration). In March the White House ended its face mask requirement due to lower cases of Covid-19 based on CDC metrics.

For Christians Easter is a special time recognizing the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels will have Easter Sunday Mass services at 7:30 am, 10:00 am, and 12:30pm.

The Last Supper (Vincente Juan Masip)