Duke advances to Final Four

The Blue Devils and Coach K advance to the Final Four in New Orleans (provided by USA Today)

Selina Tang

Final Four team Duke lost to their arch rival North Carolina in New Orleans. After 42 years as head coach, Coach Krzyzewski, will retire from coaching basketball after this, his final season. The Tar Heels lost to the Jayhawks in the finals on Monday. This was the fourth championship win for the Kansas men’s program.

Earlier in the tournament the top seeded Kentucky Wildcats lost to the Saint Peter’s Peacocks (#15), busting the brackets of thousands of college basketball fans across the country. Peacock guard Daryl Banks scored 27 of the team’s 85 points, while teammate Doug Edert scored 20 points to secure the big upset. St. Peter’s is a small Jesuit college in New Jersey and they embody the underdog spirit of unlikely teams who defeat larger schools with bigger team budgets, bigger accomplishments, and larger fanbases.

Kentucky head coach John Calipari addressed the fans stating, “This was really disappointing, devastating. But this team brought a lot of joy to a lot of us. Just hate that it ends this way.”

ABC8 News contends that the top NCAA underdog stories of the past include the NC State Wolfpack (1983), the Arizona Wildcats (1997), and the UConn Huskies (2014). In each case an underrated David slayed a series of Goliaths to capture the college trophy adding to the surprising and unpredictable history of March Madness.

After Baylor’s loss to Carolina and Auburn’s loss to Miami, this year’s top ranked teams still in the hunt for the Division I trophy are Gonzaga, Kansas, Arizona, and Villanova. UCLA has earned 11 national titles with 10 trophies in 12 years from 1964-1975 largely under Coach John Wooden. Other top programs include Kentucky (8), North Carolina (6), Duke (5), and Indiana (5). Local teams UCLA lost to North Carolina, while USC lost to Miami and CSU Fullerton lost to Duke.