Catalina Adventures

Jacob Hor and Reyna Guan

Reyna, Mai, and Sammy boarding the ferry to the island (Reyna Guan)

Right before Garvey’s spring break week long vacation, a limited number of eighth-grade students will be visiting Catalina Island for three days. Participating in the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) costs almost $300 per student, but I believe that it is a good investment in a one of a kind experience. The organizer of this trip, Mr. Naka, has held several meetings to discuss the action-packed agenda and important details about the field trip. I look forward to engaging in numerous island activities including snorkeling, rock climbing, and hiking through the beautiful environment.

The CIMI camp explores various fields of study including marine biology, oceanography, and island ecology. Hopefully we are able to dissect a squid like other campers from previous years. The field trip may challenge students to live without technology and social media for several days since there is limited phone and wifi service. We will still be able to capture great photographs of the island and this may force us to interact with others in real life rather than virtually. 

Another island adjustment is evening time. Campers must return to their cabin dorms by the 9 p.m. curfew time. Sleeping earlier will give us more energy in the morning for sunrise activities. Other Garvey staff who will be serving as chaperones include Mr. Cardenas (21st Century), Ms. Herbert (Math), and Ms. Alex Cervantes (student counselor). I think the CIMI camp will be really fun and I can’t wait to go on April 1.