Yearbook Orders

Thank you for buying a yearbook this week during lunch. Special thanks to all students and staff who participated in Garvey Yearbook sales. Together we were able to sell 117 yearbooks in three days.

Yearbook shipments are scheduled to arrive on May 24, 2022. Yearbook sales will resume on May 26 at lunch at the Equipment Room. Books will cost $35.00 each.

The Yearbook staff is grateful for the support of Mustang supervisors Mr. Valdez, Mr. Cheung, Ms. Ngeth, Mr. Huerta, Ms. Liza Mulero, and Ms. McDonald, as well as the efforts of YB editors Annie, Havon, Linda, Selina and staff reporters Safia, Sana, Zhao Yu, Keith, Jacob, Long, Valerie, Vivian, Maggie, Emily Li, Stephanie, Riyana, Katy, Ivy and others who volunteered during lunch.

Students ordered their Garvey Yearbook of memories by March 21 for a special price. The Yearbook is hard-covered with colored glossy photographs and content. It is 75 pages with a Timeline of Events at Garvey and sections on Academics, School Activities, Clubs, Memories, and more.

Books were $30.00 if purchased by March 21, 2022. Cash or Check accepted. Write Checks out to: Garvey Intermediate School. Order receipts were issued after the transaction. Costs went up after March 21.

Orders began on March 17-18,21 (Thursday/Friday/ Mon) @ Equipment Room during lunch.