Biden Promotes “Unity Agenda”

Zeny Tran and Mustang Staff

In his State of the Union speech President Biden attempted to unite Americans of diverse political opinions together. “We are stronger today than we were a year ago. And we will be stronger a year from now than we are today,” he remarked to both houses of Congress in the Capitol. In the speech Biden emphasized his intention to “fund the police,” by committing $350 billion to cities, states, and counties to hire more police officers as part of his American Rescue Plan for community safety. He commended Intel for building a new manufacturing plant in Ohio to produce microchips in the US making way for more American independence from foreign imports. Ford and GM were acknowledged for investing billions in building more electric cars and creating over 15,000 new jobs in America.

President Biden condemned Russia for its “unprovoked” invasion of Ukraine and observed that the Ukrainian people and President Zelenskky are “inspiring the world” in their struggle to keep their homeland.  He announced that America would close off US airspace to Russian planes. In the Republican Party’s formal response to the SOTU, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds compared Biden to President Carter in the 1970s when inflation and violent crime rose to historic levels and the Soviet Union was trying to “redraw the world map” reports David Jackson of USA Today.