Remembering the Summer of ’21

Linda and her brother enjoy family day at the beach in Santa Barbara

Linda Xie, Rennie Chi, and Julianne Tan

Team Mom pays for Boba (by Linda Xie)
Like this bizarre year, this summer was just as unusual. Even though I didn’t do much and just stayed at home, I found it really comforting and interesting. I mainly just stayed at home and watched K-dramas while painting or drawing digitally. The things I like the best this year was that I got to spend more time with my family. One of my fondest memories of this summer was going to Zapopan Park with my family. After dinner, my whole family went out to the park and we played basketball. No, we didn’t actually play basketball seriously because I have no idea what the rules are, but we were just fooling around.

My siblings and I also wanted to get Boba Ave 8090, so we split into Team Mom and Team Dad and whoever lost would have to pay for the drinks. We were laughing so much that our tummies hurt. We played for about an hour before we became so exhausted and thirsty. At last, our team lost (Team Mom) so my mom had to pay for the boba. Although this memory seems sort of irrelevant and might not be the most interesting, I think that it’s these small special moments that make life worth living. I just like seeing other people smile and on this occasion, my entire family was smiling and no one was arguing.

To be honest, I didn’t do much exercise during the pandemic because for some reason, staying home gave me a reason to slack off (which is still unacceptable but I couldn’t help it). I definitely grew so much closer to my family and learned some more things about them.

Dog Days of Summer (by Rennie Chi)

Surprisingly, this summer of 2021 has been relatively peaceful filled with mostly peaks, but also some valleys. One highlight of my summer was being able to visit my friends after such a long period of separation and isolation. Seeing friends in real life and being with family topped the list of enjoyable moments this summer. Our family made a trip to Avalon, Catalina Island where we went parasailing, riding golf carts along a cliff, and zip-lining.

Despite the pandemic, I was able to keep healthy as I had to walk my dog on a daily basis around my neighborhood. My dog enjoys running on the grass more than anything, so we’d always take him to the park and play fetch. Another enjoyable aspect of the months leading up to school was staying up late at night and sleeping in during the mornings.

Even though I love my family, sometimes they would get on my nerves. For instance, my eight-year old brother would rather throw a temper tantrum than do his reading homework. I noticed that my grandpa never stops working and he enjoys every minute of it. At the end of the day this pandemic summer brought my family and dog closer together in front of the TV watching Netflix shows and our favorite YouTubers.

Sports Fans (by Julianne Tan)

We were all excited when they announced that school would be cancelled for two weeks. Then it became a month, then a few months, then a whole year. Many people got used to this isolated non-social life, sitting behind a screen all day. I was one of those people. I did not have any motivation whatsoever to do anything until my mom convinced me to start getting into more hobbies. When the pandemic rules loosened, we went over to my cousin’s house and went swimming for the first time in forever. The cool water hitting my skin was the best feeling ever!

One thing I learned about my mom’s family is that they LOVE football and basketball. They place bets on who’s going to win the NFL championship. Everyone gathers in the living room to watch the teams run back and forth. My parents always go against each other and yell very loudly when their team wins. I could tell that they were bummed when we couldn’t visit each other for a long time.

One thing I learned from my dad’s side of the family is that they love to eat Korean barbecue. After being separated from my grandma for a long time, we enjoyed an outdoor feast of Korean barbecue at my cousin’s house.