Garvey Elects New ASB Officers as in-person learning resumes

Students return to in person school for the 2021-22 school year
Jovie and Sage show their Mustang Pride

On September 10, during seventh-period, nearly 500 students voted in the ASB Election through Google Forms. Eighth grade Mustangs elected Havon Ha for president, Connor Cheung for vice president, Safia Young for secretary, Jessica Salazar for treasurer, and Jordan Murrieta and Zhao Yu Yao for eighth-grade directors. The seventh-grade students elected Aidan Andrews, Grace Chan, Dylan Duong, and Uma Sofia Rizo for seventh-grade directors. The ballots were counted by election organizers Ms. Ngeth (ASB Advisor) and Ms. McDonald (Asst. Principal).

To be an engaging, upbeat, successful school, a school campus needs a strong administration and student leaders who are willing to support the student body and serve as role models for their fellow peers. That is exactly why Garvey Intermediate is preparing for ASB elections on September 10th, in a hurry to pull together a board of exceptional leaders to serve the students throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

There are many students who are interested in running for an ASB position. Each of these candidates will need to undergo a rigorous application process which includes meeting application academic requirements and collecting numerous signatures from teachers and peers.

Once the candidates are approved to run, they will need to write a speech, introducing themselves, the position they are running for, and why they are the best candidate for the position.

The top ASB positions on the ballot are President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. These positions are only available to eighth-grade students. In addition, there are three eighth-grade director positions, and three seventh-grade director positions on the ballot. Voting is scheduled to take place during Period 7 on Friday, September 10.

The President is responsible for leading the ASB meetings. The Vice President assists the president with any tasks that need to be completed, and they will fill in for the President if the president cannot attend a meeting or event. The Treasurer is responsible for overlooking ASB funds and authorizing payments made by the ASB Board.

The Secretary is responsible for taking notes during the meetings and recording the most important information from the conferences. The seventh and eighth-grade directors collaborate with the ASB executive board and share important information with the Garvey student body. Moreover, they bring new ideas from their grade level to the meetings, so that the students of Garvey Intermediate feel like they have a voice in their school’s student government.

Garvey ASB 2021-22 – Top (from left): Zhao Yu Yao, Safia Young, Aidan Andrew. Bottom (from left): Havon Ha (President), Connor Cheung (VP), Dylan Duong, Grace Chan, Uma Sofia Rizo (Andru Martinez)