June & July & Aug

Audrey watches the sun set

Mustang Staff

Reyna Guan, Audrey Tamanaha, and Samantha Nguyen

This summer has by far been the best summer I’ve ever had!”

My favorite summer experiences was celebrating my birthday when I went to the mall with friends. Two of my friends from San Francisco came to visit LA and we went to the beach together. I hope my next summer is as great or even better than this one – Reyna Guan

We went to Oahu, Hawaii for five days in early August and stayed at the Sheraton in Waikiki. We had the best view of both the city and the ocean because we were on the 29th floor! I had so so much fun there and made so many good memories. We went to the beach every day, got so much yummy food, and walked around. – Audrey Tamanaha

I was able to hang out with my friends more often and I was happy being able to go out once in a while. I’d take walks to get my mind off things that stress me out and I would play badminton with my cousin or my mom. I learned that my family can be quite annoying, but there are happy memories I made with them – Mai Truong

Summer this year was really difficult to enjoy because of the coronavirus. It mostly consisted of me staying at home and going on boba runs with my mom. The highlight was when my family and I went to the Orange County Fair festival. Even though we had to wear a mask and sanitize, I still really enjoyed it – Samantha Nguyen