Blob Bunny Comics

Blob Bunny Blog Comics by Selina Tang uploaded at the end of every week.

EN 4/28/22: Eek, sorry for not uploading these past few weeks! I’m pretty busy right now and I just feel unmotivated to make the next one. Plus I have to get ready for SBAC testing. So please be patient and I’m really sorry for disappointing you all!

Editor Notes 3/3/22: For this week’s comic strip, it’s just a bio page of Blob-Bunny. I’m trying to write a script for the next upcoming comics. It won’t be like the ones I have been posting before, but it’ll be how Blob-Bunny met their first date. Remember BBB- 3, Valentine’s Special? Yeah, I will be showing what happened before, during, and after the date. Hope you’ll enjoy it! :D)

Blind Date (3.31.22) BBB-6.3 (Selina Tang)
Blind Date (3.26.22) BBB-6.2 (Selina Tang)
Blind Date (3.20.22) BBB-6.1 (Selina Tang)
Blob-Bunny’s Bio Page (3.3.22) BBB- Extra #1 (Selina Tang)
School Stress (2.25.22) BBB-5 (Selina Tang)
The Encounter (2.18.22) BBB-4 (Selina Tang)
Valentine’s special (2.11.22) BBB-3 (Selina Tang)
Ube Donut Gone Wrong (2.4.22) BBB-2 (Selina Tang)
Hello Bunny (1.28.22) BBB-1 (Selina Tang)