When Mom was an Eighth-grader

Mrs. Flores fondly recalls an eighth-grade promotion field trip to Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park (Provided by OC Register)

Lexie Flores

Not too long ago, my mom, Johanna, was an eighth grader too. Today she is a wonderful mom who cares for me and my two younger siblings. She happens to be interested in makeup and the mystic arts among many other things. This is an excerpt from a conversation that we shared this year:

Lexie: What was eighth-grade like for you?
Mom: I had to wear a school uniform and my social studies teacher was super strict about it too. Every morning we had to show him that we were [following the dress code].

Lexie: Do you still keep in contact with friends from eighth grade?
Mom: No, not from eighth grade, but I do with friends that I met later on in high school.

Provided by Lexie Flores

Lexie: What was your favorite subject when you were my age?
Mom: My favorite subject was math because my teacher [was] very nice and it was my last period.

My least favorite class was social studies because my teacher was super strict. My parents did not speak English so I had to translate everything for them. It was also hard to explain things to them like field trips. My [favorite field trip was the] graduation trip to Knott’s Berry Farm because I got to hang out with friends at a theme park. We also got back late at night.

[When I was 13] I saw myself as a teacher or performing in theater. When I graduated from middle school I felt very proud of myself since there were many obstacles because my parents did not know English. So it felt like I was doing it on my own, like many first generational kids.