Year of the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year from Mustang Media

Annie Huang

Catherine Zhu and Julie Phan

Scarlet Qipao by Yujie Yang ’23 (Yujie Yang).

The city of Alhambra has scheduled a Lunar New Year Festival on February 20 on Second Street starting at 8:30 am. San Gabriel cancelled their Lunar New Year Festival, which was supposed to feature lion and dragon dances, live performances, and crafts and vendors. There will be a Zoom event on February 11 with a slideshow and Bingo activities instead. This year, Lunar New Year falls on Tuesday, February 1st, and it is the year of the tiger.

Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year (CNY) is celebrated for 16 days. Students in China enjoy time away from school during this time to gather with with family and friends. In Northern China people celebrate each day by enjoying different foods: on the first day dumplings (初一饺子) are eaten, on the second day – noodles (初二面), the third day – pan-fried dumplings to bring fortune to your home (初三盒子往家赚). Other foods enjoyed during CNY are flatbread with scrambled eggs (初四大饼炒鸡蛋), napa cabbage, and sticky rice balls called “元宵” or “汤圆” are eaten on the 15th day.

Aside from food traditions, we also have traditions such as giving and receiving red envelopes with money inside. Children and young people receive red envelopes from relatives and friends who are married. Firecrackers and fireworks are used to bring in the new year.

Upcoming events for CNY: New Year’s Eve (January 31), Lantern Festival (February 15)