Visiting Vegas

Christmas at MGM Grand Vegas

Austin Szeto

During winter break, my family and I took a 3-day trip to Las Vegas. The drive there was unpleasant but it was very much worth it. When we were in Las Vegas, we stayed at the MGM Grand which was enormous and the rooms were very luxurious. Even the bathroom was extravagant. We had access to a pool and hot tub that were both smaller compared to other Vegas hotels I’ve visited. The hotel service was exceptional. Although MGM has restaurants inside the resort, we decided to go out and eat elsewhere.

We mainly dined at Asian restaurants however, we also took a chance to check out Gordon Ramsay’s famous Hell’s Kitchen. Even though I didn’t see Gordon there, it was still amazing to see the red and blue team competing to prepare the best meal. Neon lights fill the busy streets of Las Vegas at night, making the city look like a rainbow torch. A CVS near the MGM Grand was decked out with glistening neon lights, as if it were a Gucci store. There were also Vegas versions of Paris and New York, including smaller models of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. This year Coca Cola was highly advertised all over the city.

Christmas in Las Vegas was costly, but good fun for the whole family.