Ceramic Projects

Ceramic Tile Mural from the students of Cathedral School ND (Provided by Incredible Art Dept)

Selina Tang and Mustang Staff

A ceramic is a product made from clay and nonmetallic materials, including pottery, tiles, brick, and glass. Heat can be used to change the form of the ceramic and color can be added to give the ceramic a pleasing appearance. Ceramics are largely heat resistant and very durable. The Incredible Art Department website provides a wide range of fun art lessons, including ideas for ceramic projects.

Eighth-grade art teacher Rebecca Engleman from Cathedral School (North Dakota) shared a great ceramic tile mural project. In the drafting stages, students sketched fish, seashells, and coral. These images were created on tiles that were hand cut from rolled slabs of clay, glazed for color and fired with high heat.

The tiles were glued to plywood panels and surrounded by 8.9mm colorful tiles with blue tiles for water, green tiles for seaweed, and tan tiles for sand. Glass bobbles were placed next to the fish heads. The ceramic tiles were placed around the school campus.

by Rebecca Engleman