In the Air with Drones

Mustang Staff

The home security company Ring has produced a drone camera for home surveillance. The Ring Always Home Cam can fly around your home and monitor any unusual activity to deter home invaders. This year Walmart was delivering packages attached to parachutes and zip-lines and transported by drones in Arkansas. For now there is a 4 pound limit to drone deliveries from Walmart partner, DroneUp reports The Verge.

Students in Mr. Cardenas’ used drone technology to take photographs and create unique projects. This is an exciting tool that is being explored in many professions including law enforcement, home security, and package delivery services. At the Tokyo Olympics a fleet of nearly 2,000 Intel Premium drones filled the skies to form the shape of the earth and other 3D geometric shapes. In 2019, 150 Intel Shooting Star drones joined Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl halftime show. Drones helped in rescue operations during Hurricane Ida last year.

Drones can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet and the wireless connectivity allows pilots to view surroundings from aerial angles. Drones use motorized propellers to navigate. Military agencies were the first to explore this technology, naming drones, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). The US military used drone technology to locate and execute al-Qaeda terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden, in 2011. Today police and fire departments use drones to find missing people and enforce the laws.

Walmart testing its drone delivery services (Insider)