Hoka for Comfort & Style

Hoka’s super comfy and trendy Bondi X (Provided by Runner’s World)

Mustang Staff

Every year Nike sells the most shoes in the US, with the company earning $38 billion dollars in annual sales worldwide and $17B domestically. Vans and Timberland’s parent company VF (formerly Vanity Fair Corp) is the second most lucrative company with $12 billion in annual sales worldwide. Under Armour ($5B), Skechers ($4B), New Balance ($4B), Deckers ($2B) which makes Uggs/Teva/ Hoka One One, Crocs ($1B) trail behind. For many serious long distance runners, their brand of choice has long been Brooks which came close to earning $1B last year. Deckers’ Hoka One One has matched the popularity of Brooks in what looks like an exciting rivalry for the best shoe. Who benefits? The customer, seeking the best footwear for comfort and fashion. 

Hoka One One (pronounced oh-nay) shoe is praised by podiatrists like Dr. Jacqueline Sutera who claim the Hoka brand, launched in 2009, provides maximum comfort and shock absorption, ideal for runners, walkers, and people who are on their feet all day. Hoka founders, Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard from France, used an EVA foam that creates a soft lightweight feel reports Today. In October 2021 the Bondi X was updated with a carbon fiber plate for added stability, but the $200 price tag may turn customers away. 

Gaviota for max support (Runner’s Warehouse)

Hoka and Brooks shoes are similar in price and durability (500 miles per shoe), but the difference is in appearance. Hoka shoes offer brighter colors and unique patterns that may appeal more to customers who seek a trendier appearance.  Brooks has a longer track record, making running shoes in Seattle since 1974. In 2020, Hoka was acquired by the parent company of Uggs, Deckers Outdoor Corp reports Natalie Cecconi of Running Outfitters

Runner’s World recommends the Hoka Bondi for best cushioning and longevity.