The Getty Museum of Arts

Poussin and the Dance (provided by The Getty LA)

Safia Young

My experience at The Getty Center in 2021 was incredible. Inside the halls of the museum were countless wonderful paintings and sculptures. A new exhibit of paintings scheduled for public viewing beginning February 15, 2022 is Poussin and the Dance. Nicolas Poussin was a French painter of the 17th century and he specialized in compositions about dancing nymphs and satyrs, inspired from ancient Greek stories.

In June 2022 The Getty will feature the murals of Judy Baca, including her portrayal of a runner in Hitting the Wall (1984). Preliminary sketches, colorations, and reproductions of the mural will be on display.

Outside the peaceful gardens with a panoramic view of Los Angeles was the perfect setting for a family outing with dad, grandmother, and sister. On a clear day you can see the skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles as well as the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Durango (Judy Baca)