by Zeny Tran

History Day 2022: Debate and Diplomacy

December 2, 2021

Students in Mr. Huerta’s Social Studies Class are developing a website based on their History Day topic. Students conducted research, took notes, and studied their selected History Day topic, related to this year’s theme: “Debate and Diplomacy.”

Garvey Intermediate has elected not to compete officially against other schools this school year. History Day projects will still be completed for class credit.

The National History Day (NHD) initiative provides year-long academic activities that engage over 500,000 middle and high-school students nationwide in performing original research on historical topics of interest. Students must choose one of five National History Day competition categories while developing a project including one of the following: documentary, exhibit, historical paper, performance, or website. Participants compete with their projects, with the top students moving on to State competition followed by National competition. 

This team project allows students to develop their research writing skills and will prepare students for high school and college in the coming years. 

Students collaborate on the 2022 History Day Project

Understanding the world and what has happened in our history is essential for having an informed understanding of what is happening in our daily lives today. This is why Garvey’s social studies classes are so beneficial to the students. Our social studies classes examine the lives of individuals from the past and cultures all over the world, not primarily the rich and famous.

Students gain empathy for diversity in the present through studying men and women from other ages and walks of life. These lessons assist students in determining their role in society as well as their place in history. Students learn how institutions, traditions, and beliefs evolve as society modernizes by studying the past.

There are four social studies teachers on campus at Garvey Intermediate: Mr. Huerta teaches eighth grade, Ms. Ngeth teaches both seventh and eighth grade, Ms. Zaidi teaches AVID as well as seventh grade social studies, and Ms. Upathumpa teaches seventh grade. 

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