Survey for Ms. Kasababian

Certificate for Outstanding Service in 2019

Brandon Phan

Staff writer Brandon Phan wrote questions for eighth-grade Language Arts teacher, Ms. Kasababian.


Why do you have high standards for students?
All students are capable of doing better than they think; Reach for the stars!

Who are the outstanding students this year?
It’s hard to say

What are your 5 favorite books?
There are too many to list

What are the most advanced and most challenging periods?
That’s not a fair question. At any time each class can be good or bad

Do you like any types of words?
I like words that make me think and I’m not familiar with

Do you give more A’s or F’s?
The students are the ones who earn the grades

Do you like teaching?
No, I love teaching


What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
Grade papers and relax; connect with friends.

What is your favorite car? What is your least favorite car?
The best car is the Mustang GT – California Special. My least favorite car is the Mercedes Benz.

Would you like to have a pet?
I would like a pit bull

What are your favorite foods?
My favorite foods are spare ribs and Armenian food

What do you like and dislike to do at home?
I like to work outside and garden. My least favorite activity is cleaning the home.