Garvey Players present “Peter Pan”

Connor Cheung as Peter Pan introduces himself to the audience as Zoreimy Melgar, Fang Fu, and Mr. Cheung observe

Garvey Players

Annie Huang

The Garvey Players of the 8th grade drama class staged their performance of the classic play “Peter Pan,” written by JM Barrie. This play was the first show in almost two years that Garvey held in real life and was directed by Drama teacher, Mr. Cheung. The play featured lead actors Connor Cheung (as Peter Pan), Zoreimy Melgar (as Wendy Darling), and Fanghan Fu (as Captain Hook), who gave an entertaining performance as the 20+ minute show unfolded. Although they did not use props or wear costumes, the cast did their best to provide the audience with an amusing performance. The story is a fantasy that took place in the early 1900s in the fantasy land of “Neverland,” which is Peter’s home and London, Wendy’s home.

The play began with our protagonist Peter Pan visiting the home of Wendy Darling with his beloved fairy, Tinkerbell (played by Julissa Del Toro). They then take on an adventure with Peter teaching Wendy and her brothers how to fly and they, alongside with Tinkerbell, were soon captured by Peter’s arch-nemesis, Captain Hook, the pirate leader. Hook took them to his ship, the Jolly Roger, and tried to get them to walk the plank, but was soon rescued by our hero Peter Pan and they had an epic showdown. Eventually, Hook’s good hand was eaten by the crocodile, Tick Tock, and Hook fled the scene. Peter lived happily ever after in Neverland, while Wendy stayed in London with her family.

Captain Hook tries to intimidate Wendy

Other supporting characters included Tootles (Tarah Cazun), Michael Darling, (Alexander Chen), Mrs. Darling (Jordyn Roberson), Mermaid Susanna (Susanna Qiu), Mermaid Emily (Emily Amezcua), Nibs (Aaron Bang), Smee (Heidi Fu), Crocodile (Elijah Gutierrez), Mermaid Fiona (Fiona Wang), the Lost Boys (Edmond Dong, Jovie Duong, Mystical Martin, Jordan Murrieta), and the Pirates (Cameron Amey, Lisa Lui, Rennie Chi).

To finish off the performance, the cast sung “Breaking Free” from High School Musical.


“It was an outstanding performance, I am so glad to be part of this amazing team and cast. It was tough at first memorizing lines and trying to keep in the laughter. Overall, I am extremely impressed and amazed at how everyone took things and the acting being done. I doubt the audience had any different thoughts. Hopefully next performance will be just as fun and if not better.” – Lisa Lui

“Very enjoyable. Had a few laughs and overall had a good time” – Anonymous student from the audience.

The eighth-graders rehearsed for Peter Pan and Our Town, but only performed Peter Pan during Periods 2 and 3. due to Covid restrictions. The seventh-grade actors performed Our Town for students during Periods 4 and 5.