Valorant Team Play

Sage Lin

When the pandemic hit America hard in 2020, gamers at home found refuge in a new popular FPS from Riot Games called Valorant. Like Counter-Strike, Valorant is a tactical shooter game that relies heavily on team play and remains a favorite game among top streamers like Ninja and Shroud.

Each match has two teams of five players. In the game the characters are called agents and there are 16 agents to choose from ranging from Controllers, Initiators, Duelists, and Sentinels. Each agent has their own back story.

Matches consists of rounds and the first team to win 13 rounds wins the match. One team is the Attacker and the other team is the Defender. The Attackers must plant a Spike bomb on sites around the map. The Defenders must defuse the Spike and prevent the Attackers from planting the Spike within the time limit of the round.

The Valorant voice chat feature allows you to talk to your team instead of just texting them. Today Valorant averages 12 million active players each month. This is more than Call of Duty MW and double the Overwatch average player base. The game is free to play and if you have a League of Legends account, you can use that profile to log in to Valorant.