BookTok Bestsellers

Author Colleen Hoover on tour with one of her sons

Samantha Nguyen

Texas young adult novelist and mother of three sons, Colleen Hoover, is one of the latest self published authors to receive massive publicity on TikTok’s #BookTok feature. Rather than signing with a large publisher, Hoover collaborates with her sister and other family members on her books.

Barnes and Noble’s director of books Shannon Devito states that Hoover’s 2016 romance novel It Ends With Us has been selling 10,000 copies per week this year. In an interview with AP’s Hillel Italie, Hoover reveals that It Ends With Us was inspired by her mother, who left an abusive relationship with her husband, divorcing him when Hoover was 2 years old.

In this novel, college graduate, Lily, moves to Boston where she opens a floral shop and meets a young neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincaid. As her relationship with Ryle develops, an old friend from the past, Atlas Corrigan, reappears in her life and forces Lily to make some hard choices about her future.

This novel has a powerful message about personal relationships and I highly recommend it to readers interested in love stories. In 2019, Variety reported that actor Justin Baldoni optioned It Ends With Us to be adapted for film.