Gender in Sports


South African middle-distance runner Caster Semenya was banned from competition in 2019 due to elevated testosterone levels (by Andy Lyons – Getty Images)

Katelyn Lee and Julianne Tan

In October the Texas House passed House Bill 25, requiring transgender athletes at public schools to compete as their birth gender, not as their gender identity. Texas school districts will examine the biological sex stated on the birth certificate of students to determine eligibility for athletic competitions. This bill will impact more than 800,000 middle and high school students, including more than 300,000 girls, reports Jack Fink of 21CBS DFW. Representative Valoree Swanson contended that transgender females have unfair competitive advantages against biologically female athletes.

In November Texas Governor called on Texas school boards to remove Maia Kobabe’s graphic novel, Gender Queer, from public schools, citing “inappropriate images.” This book has been banned in school libraries in seven states, reports CNN.