Notes from the Editor in Chief: November


I write a letter like this to the people I’m grateful for each year. The people I’m grateful for always change each year, but they provide the same fundamental support that gets me through a challenging day. This year, I am the most grateful for the Mustang Media staff as they always make sixth period the most fun out of the day. Regardless of your sections, we all come together to support each other unconditionally, and that is the most I can ever ask for.

Outside from the newspaper staff, I am the most grateful for my friends, who provide me with as much happiness as I could ever ask for. I often sit alone and try to isolate myself from others, but my friends remind me that I am worth more than just being alone. Although I’ve not been feeling my best self lately, being around my friends gives me a staple in my life to keep going no matter what I am going through.

This might be a vague one, but I am also grateful for the game VALORANT. Without it, I would not have met the people that I talk to every day and I would also be enclosed in my old toxic circle of friends. Being in the environment of VALORANT takes my mind off of heavy topics and I can be myself when I am in a 5v5 FPS situation online (please do not take this seriously).

With this said, I want everyone to know that if you don’t have anything to be grateful for, be grateful for yourself. You are what drives you and the fact that you are willing to keep yourself going is what you should love about yourself the most.