Our Math Teachers

Comments from students at Garvey:

Ms. Tamura (Chair)

Being a student in her class is the best experience I have had so far with math class. She is patient with students who don’t understand the concepts. Math was never my favorite subject, but she makes it a positive learning environment. During the stressful testing week, she gave us time to recuperate and work on puzzles to relieve the stress. Her notes are very clear and help me understand difficult concepts. Ms. Tamura has always said, “All of Math is just following steps” and this makes a lot of sense to me. 

She takes her time and explains math problems with great detail. She treats every student with fairness and kindness and she is funny. When she taught at my Elementary School, I always wanted to be in her class. Among the various class activities in class, I enjoyed the “Impossible Index Card Challenge” activity the most. We also complete numerous practice exams to excel on the real tests. 

She is preparing us well for high school. 

Mr. Wong 

He tries his best to ensure that the students understand the material. He will reteach concepts if the class needs it. He provides helpful links and resources on Google Classroom. Some students have said that Mr. Wong teaches like a college professor. He has a nurturing personality which makes him more approachable for help. 

Mr. Habibi

He gives us time to complete work in class so that we have less work to do at home. In his class, we completed a fun assignment drawing and sketching the slopes of linear equations with their descriptions. It was an engaging hands-on assignment. We have Khan Academy assignments in his class.  He is always available to help his students.

Ms. Tran mentors William Yang in seventh-grade math

Ms. Wong

She is a patient teacher who wants her students to be successful in math. I enjoy being in her class. She makes difficult concepts easier to understand. 

Ms. Herbert

She helps me learn math concepts and her class is very well organized. The students follow the rules. Khan Academy helps me improve as a student of math. 

Ms. Tran

She is very nice to me and helps me learn the concepts. The practice tests prepare us for the real exams. I’m glad that she is my teacher.